Mission Statement

We, the people of Our Lady of Calvary Parish, in response to the love of God, our Father, united with Christ and one another, empowered by the Spirit, joyfully proclaim our mission to share, nurture, and enrich our lives as sons and daughters of God.

Guided by our Holy Father and our Archbishop, in collaboration with our Pastor, we commit ourselves to become closer to God and one another by:

  • Centering our lives in the Eucharist;
  • Celebrating the Sacraments;
  • Reflecting on Sacred Scripture;
  • Participating in other liturgical celebrations;
  • Personal prayer.

Recognizing the value of Christian family life, we are committed to instill sound moral values in all the members of our families, particularly our young people, by promoting their spiritual development through sound Christian education.

As faithful sons and daughters of God, we love, witness and minister to others by works of charity, evangelization, and a commitment to peace and justice.  We invoke the help of our Patroness, Our Lady of Calvary, and all the saints to assist us in our efforts to grow as a parish fully alive in Christ Jesus, our Lord.